Some days back, I was walking past a Police station near my locality. I was taken aback to see a huge number of vehicles at the backyard which are getting buried inside the soil. The only lives that seemed to be bothered about those vehicles there were those innumerable small termites that kept feeding on some of its parts. Seeing the condition of those vehicles, which were half buried, I was finally able to understand a clear view on how those Archaeological specimens were formed. Suddenly the grumpy face of my school history teacher came to my mind, and I only wished if she could have taken us on a field trip to one of these Police Stations.

Trying to forget the history of my history class, I enquired the policeman at the entrance. He said those are the vehicles that have been seized by the police in various cases. Since no one has come to claim the vehicles, they have been there, all years. When I asked how one will know that his vehicle is here in this police station to come and claim for the same, he didn’t answer. Probably, he had no answer or perhaps he thought I am not the right person to question them. I then left the place for a very important work of watching the CSK match on TV.

It was only during that Strategic time break, many questions haunted me. If a person’s bike is stolen from Coimbatore (Ok.. Any place of ur choice) and is caught at Chennai (which by practical cases is slightly unlikely if the thief has a minimum of Rs50 in his purse), how will the person in Coimbatore know this if the Chennai police doesn’t have the access to the owner’s contact information? Or what if the owner hasn’t lodged a police complaint yet? Will the TVS-50 be a significant thing to motivate the policemen to keep a track of? When will this Abishek Bachan stop acting in Idea ads? And the like..

It was then I thought, this practice, if put into place, will be of some help. Every city must have a Data Entry office under police stations, run by a considerable number of data entry operators depending on the city’s requirement. Datas of bikes that are registered can be collected from the RTO office and the details of Engine number, chassis number, registration number and the owner’s information is to be fed into the database. After a bike is stolen, when the owner registers a complaint, details of the bike have to be fed in the database the same way and verified with the data from RTO. When the police seize any bike, anywhere, the details of the seized bike must be entered in the database. When the match is found to the complaint given by the owner, the owner will be contacted by the local police station, enquired and his bike is returned to him. If no complaint is found, yet if the match is found with the data from RTO, the local police will be informed and the owner will be enquired regarding the theft.

Lets bury only the dead animate things.. Not the living inanimate things.

Then.. And then what? As usual the Strategic time break proved useless for the IPL teams and somewhat useful for a few of its viewers.


With some uncontrollable drooping eyes before our manager/lecturer during the daytime, Insomnia is a very common thing in this modern world, at night. We would be looking for some means to induce sleep, like counting from one to hundred from front, then from backwards and then from sideways, roadways, Amways and take-aways. But with no amount of certainty we can tell when we are falling asleep. This practice is of no big concern as we lie on bed in darkness while doing this.

The real concern is for those who take sleeping pills in the form of books before going to sleep. The issue is much more pronounced in a majority of students taking out their subject books at night. Before going to bed we seem to be so active and determined to read a minimum of 30 pages in the next two hours or so. With so much of enthusiasm, we open the book and complete a page in no time. After skimming past the fourth line of the second page, the words in the page starts to break, the color of the words turn from black to grey and then to a color called non-Surf Excel/Tide white. The words then start to get in line with the earth’s planetary motion, and start to revolve around the page in a path which can be scientifically called as a Brownian movement. So irrespective of the genre of the book, it always becomes revolutionary after crossing the second page. Our eyelids suddenly gets magnetised and slowly tends to attract each other. Like our Indian films wherein our hero-heroine runs towards each other and starts hugging in slow motions, our eyes mimic the romantic effect in the same way. After that, darkness prevails all over and we get lost inside a deep sleep that even googling will be of no use. Lights turned on, book over our face or on the floor beside (in case of telephone directory type books or the so called mega serial novels) are a common sight at the mornings after we wake up.

A light that has a timer attached to it will be of immense use in this regard. Fixing a timer as in ACs or TVs will allow people to save some electricity and mom’s/roommate’s scoldings in the morning. We might not exactly know the time we fall asleep, but we can with some amount of certainty predict the time taken by us to complete those two pages isn’t it? 🙂

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Dear readers,


Based on feedback received by readers on this mission, we are revamping this mission’s format to be more interactive and more focussed. Watch out. We will be back with it pretty soon. Thanks for keeping track!!! Would love to continue with your interest in the new format as well.



Placements is a word that mostly concerns the graduate students who want to jump onto this bandwagon and carve a future for themselves under the umbrella of some biggie, of course entrepreneurs excluded! For all we know, it is one word that school goers will be least bothered with. There is another thing that gets school goers involved in a few countries – Community Service!

In countries like the US, many schools make it a mandate for students to dedicate certain hours for community service to receive their graduations. While the deed may be all noble, I have one concern in this – the beauty of community service is in the noble heart that volunteers. If this is made a mandate, where is the nobility of volunteering involved. Besides, this makes service similar to a term paper – that can be done and got away with. It should definitely be more than that. But one good thing it does is to widen the knowledge of children and sensitize them to several world realities.

Nobility lies in the volunteering heart

Retaining the essence of  community service, can we refine this system to bring in more noble involvement? That is where the idea of placements hit me.

Very similar to companies visiting colleges to recruit, NGOs in the locality shall visit  prominent schools to recruit volunteers for their cause. NGOs on their part will explain about their cause and activity in detail and conduct a recruitment process, where only interested children can apply. The selected children, though, shall continue being associated with the NGO and the cause for a period of minimum two years and recieve special incentives from the school.

Such children, who decide which cause they want to support, if only they want to, will volunteer to pledge their time

Let their hands be ready

and do good to the cause rather than finish a mandatory requirement. Of course, not all child shall be interested to apply. But that is where positive motivation comes into the fore. Teachers, parents, peers and the NGOs should make this service a prestigious offering for the chosen children by their words and deeds and make children look forward to serve.

This way, they serve and they WANT to serve. Anyway, such a system does not even exist in mass scale in India. Hence it will be a refreshing new inclusion to the educational system in this country – to include recruitment by NGOs in schools!

Nobility of service lies in the volunteering heart!


If you have a creative idea to tackle any social problem, please deposit into this idea bank by mailing it to Licenced to be as crazy as you wish, because all breakthrough innovations were once considered only crazy ideas!!!

I am most impressed by the recent language based helpline idea launched by Idea Mobile. After all it was a brilliant insight on the problem of linguistic diversity faced by many Indian youngsters who spend their career life outside the comfort of known language spheres. While this was a good idea to Idea subscribers or anyone who would call the language helpline and get a sentence translated, can we take this further? Where the mobile phone can act as a translator in hand?

What an Idea Sirjee

I am thinking of a mobile application that can be installed in a mobile phone. It should simply have a dictionary which can sense voice inputs. When I am in a strange land, I should simply put my earphones on and keep the mobile phone as the translator. When a localite speaks his language, the device should process that voice command and translate its meaning and utter the sentence in my language in my ears. When I speak the reply sentence in my language hushed in to the phone, it should process that and shout out the sentence in the localite’s tongue.

Such devices are actually existing. I came across a device called Ectaco in Google when I searched for such devices. This is an expensive individual device (not clubbed with the phone) that is well versed in all European languages. It

Amazing innovation

took them nearly eight years to train the device and build its vocabulary. They even have advanced language devices, traveller’s devices, basic sentences translation devices etc. The more you spend, the more it translates. Another interesting device is the Pommegranate mobile, which seems to be the marvel in mobile innovation. I guess many of you would have seen this device in facebook videos.

This is where my idea differs. Both these are expensive devices. How do we make this technology accessible to the common man?

This software should be made downloadable on demand, offered as a value add by the service provider, which will be active for a particular period of time subscribed. Like the top-ups or SMS boosters that last a month, this application should be made affordable for just a week or a month, on demand. When we need it, we should simply download it and use it for the time needed. More languages or more active time shall cost more. But that should be left to our discretion.

Can this happen?

– GS

If you have a creative idea to tackle any social problem, please deposit into this idea bank by mailing it to Licenced to be as crazy as you wish, because all breakthrough innovations were once considered only crazy ideas!!!